What is PMA?

Advantage Aerospace LLC is an FAA Authorized Part Manufacturing Facility

Parts Manufacturing Approval

The FAA has a system of granting approval called Parts Manufacturing Approval, or just PMA. A PMA is an FAA design and production approval that verifies that the design of an aircraft part meets FAA safety regulations, and the quality management system meets FAA quality standards designed to assure that every part actually produced continues to meet the FAA-approved design. (for more information visit Marpa.)

The PMA holder is permitted to manufacture and supply aircraft parts to OEMs, repair stations and operators in lieu of parts being manufactured by the OEM, provided such parts manufacture has been approved by the FAA. Use of such parts does not in any way affect the airworthiness of the aircraft since these parts are manufactured under FAA approval. Often, PMA parts cost less than the OEM parts, yet PMA parts must meet or exceed the OEM part that it is replacing. The PMA parts are identified as a direct replacement to the OEM's part number and approved for the same aircraft effectivity.

Why should I consider using FAA-PMA parts?

FAA-PMA parts are rapidly gaining acceptance around the world as more customers have come to rely upon the quality, performance, shorter lead times and cost savings of PMA parts. If you are tired of paying higher prices for OEM parts, please contact us to see how we can help you save money while providing you with a high quality part that will meet or exceed the OEM’s performance!

For more information about FAA Approval on PMA parts, please visit the FAA website for FAA PMA.